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Here at Jimmy Rustler we provide a rating system that is not found on any other social media platform. Yes, social media platforms have like and dislike rating systems. However, we have emphasized the use of the dislike button instead of ignoring it. We use a meter that shows the emotions created by user’s dislikes. We have discovered that these emotions are directly linked to a person’s jimmies.

For centuries people have been getting their jimmies rustled, but we have had no way of tracking how many jimmies were actually being rustled. Much like Benjamin Franklin’s invention of the odometer which tracked the number of miles traveled, our Rustle Meter tracks the number of jimmies rustled. Now users can safely track rustled jimmies from the comfort of their own homes.

Besides providing a unique rating system, we also provide users with an easy to use image and video uploader. Users can use Jimmy Rustler as their platform to show the world all of their unique images and videos. So, if you have just stumbled upon Jimmy Rustler, we welcome you, and it is our hope that you’ll stay, because we aim to give you one of the best experiences on the internet.