Community rules

Do not post sexually explicit content.

Do not post illegal content that sexually exploits minors such as child porn as it will be removed, and, if necessary, we will report the offending poster to the authorities.

Be kind to your fellow members and abstain from unnecessary harassment.

Be mindful before posting anything with gore or cruelty as some content is not appropriate and may be subject to removal or a bannable offense. In other words use good sense when posting something that may be upsetting to other members.

Do not post content that condones illegal activity, and remember that you are on a public forum. Everyone can see what you post.

We ask that you refrain from posting information that is too personal for your own safety, and peace of mind.

Refrain from spamming content as this does not make for a good user experience.

In all we ask that you enjoy your time posting, and that you be respectful of your fellow members so that everyone can have a good time. If you have a problem with a member or a post do not hesitate to notify the administrators. We will review your concerns as soon as possible.